University applications of cross-cultural communication...

To help tutors and administrators develop cultural responsiveness and communication skills to meet the needs of international students, we have supplied at 98 universities
  • Workshops for tutors in 'fair access' interviewing of overseas-born course applicants, and in adapting teaching methods to culturally different learning styles of international students

  • Cross-cultural communication workshops for pastoral and counselling staff; library and technical staff; and administrators, to avoid misunderstandings/irritation/hassle in interactions with international students

  • Custom-made training DVDs and e-learning courses on Diversity and Cross-cultural communication for both tutors and staff

  • Induction sessions for international students to manage culture/study shock on arrival in UK

  • Visiting Lectures on Intercultural Communication for courses in Applied Linguistics and/or for Global Graduates on International Management

  • For Faculties of Education, workshops on multicultural approaches in both overt and hidden curricula of schools. Visiting lectures at 125 PGCE, RSA, and initial and in-service courses - as well as whole-staff workshops at 450 schools.

  • For Media Studies and/or Journalism courses we provide workshops on Stereotypical image-making of minorities on TV and other media. CI-CD has provided visiting lectures at 32 universities, tutored courses at Leeds University Institute of Communication Studies on Reporting of Racial issues on TV, and produced training documentaries for BBC TV on image-making effects of Minority Ethnic groups in News, Drama, Comedy output.

  • Ask via Contact Us for our universities client list or copies of ‘Staff Development in Multicultural Practice’, published in ‘Towards a Multicultural University’ by University of East London.


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