Customer Service Training for Contact Centres in INDIA: Advanced Intercultural Communication (AICC)

If you are a Western company outsourcing customer services offshore in India, or planning to do so, you will want the latest and best research on identifying and tackling the hidden costs. And you’ll want only the most authoritative findings on the causes of offshore ‘C Sat deficit’, so you can ensure Indian CSRs/Agents are equipped to meet Western consumer expectations and so enhance your brand image.

If you are an Indian IT/BPO company, you will equally want to be best-informed about tried and tested training materials that will equip your company to achieve customer satisfaction levels that demonstrably match the levels of Western call centres, and so gain significant competitive advantage in UK and US.

Thanks to funding by British Telecom in 2007, on behalf of all Western companies offshoring in India, CI-CD designed the Advanced Intercultural Communication (AICC) training scheme for up-skilling Indian front-line Agents/Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to meet Western consumer expectaions and improve levels of customer satisfaction.

For free copy of research report and outline of the AICC training scheme for Indian contact cemtres, email CI-CD via Contact Us