NHS, Local Government Services, and Voluntary sector...

Cross-cultural skills for managers of a diverse workforce, to meet the requirements of Equality Act in -

  • Recruitment Interviewing across cultures
  • Performance Appraising across cultures
  • Team leading across cultures - conducting effective problem-solving meetings; reducing team tensions; motivating teams positively
  • Handling Grievances, Harassment or Counselling across cultures
  • Risk/Impact assessing for diverse cultures, to meet statutory duties under Equality Act

Cross-cultural communication skills for front-line staff, to ensure equality of access in service delivery, to meet public duties under the Equality Act in NHS, Housing/Social Services, Inclusion Units, Police, Legal services, DAATs, Voluntary Sector

  • Training to equip front-line staff to provide user-friendly client/patient care across cultures. See workshop outline 'Cultural awareness and skills of cross-cultural communication' as provided over 70 councils and 56 NHS Trusts

To see the sample workshop agenda, click via ‘Diversity Works’ Home Page above to ‘Cultural Awareness and skills of cross-cultural communication'