Cross-cultural communication skills for International Managers

Skills needed, for example, in

  • Executive Meetings (face-to-face or virtual), to reduce misunderstandings and/or cultural tensions, and improve creative problem-solving
  • Preparing executives/managers (and their families) to adapt culturally for successful expatriate assignments
  • Managing in Joint Ventures/Projects across cultures - including Recruiting, Performance Appraising, Training, Mentoring, Trouble-shooting, Motivating, Conducting team meetings, Change managing.
  • Receiving foreign delegations to UK: avoiding the all-too-common mistakes

1. Global Leadership and International Business Management

An intensive ‘mini-course’ for one-to-one study or for small groups (eg, international support teams, or leadership development schemes), covering 15 areas of training need, including making presentations abroad, handling meetings, intercultural trouble-shooting and problem-solving. Clients include EDS HQ, Dallas, Texas; Nortel; Lucent; British Aerospace; Cable and Wireless; Pan Canadian; Merck; Avery Dennison; Cargill; Polaris; 3M; Honeywell

2. Working virtually across cultures

Strategies and skills for managing international team emails, audio and video conferencing. We made the only documentary training DVD on the skills needed for successfully communicating virtually across cultures – made in co-operation with BP, Hewlett Packard, Telstra.

3. Preparing for overseas assignments

This workshop (involving partner/children, as appropriate), covers all aspects of minimising ‘culture shock’, both socially and in work. A key focus is strategies for successful intercultural working as project managers of multi-culutral teams. Also covers repatriation.

We have prepared executives for managing/negotiating assignments in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Curacao, Czech Republic, China (Mainland/HK/Taiwan), Chile, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.

4. Marketing/Negotiating overseas

Workshops on the intercultural communication skills needed for achieving successful outcomes. Training can focus on any of the countries listed above.

Clients include Telstra (for Vietnam and Indonesia) Nortel and Lucent (for Japan); Lloyd’s Marketing Association (for China); “Languages for Business” courses funded by European Commission (for France, Germany, Japan and China); WWF; SATRA (specifically China); BAE Systems (also for China); Merck; Polaris (Japan and China); Honeywell (Eastern Europe region); 3M (Middle East); Cable and Wireless; Cargill (Russia/Ukraine/Brazil) Scotia Bank (Caribbean) AWAS (Chile, Brazil, Russia, Jordan, Indonesia, Japan).

For United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI): workshops for companies preparing for marketing and negotiating in Poland, France, Germany, China; with 5 books written on ‘Cultural Sensitivity and Communication Skills for Trading Success’ in China, Poland, France, Germany, USA/UK.

5. Managing teams in joint ventures/projects

Chief focus is on skills required for cross-cultural

  • recruiting, appraising, mentoring, counselling, motivating
  • resolving internal tensions to build more effective teams
  • conducting meetings to draw positively on cultural diversity
  • inter-departmental problem-solving and achieving more creative innovation
  • designing training or coaching schemes and metrics of training impact

Clients include: CSC; EDS; Cargill, Scotia Bank; Nortel; Bank of America; Merck; Honeywell; 3M; Avery Dennison; Polaris; Lucent; BT; Amnesty International, WWF, VSO; British Council; Council of Europe.

6. Receiving Foreign Delegations

Analysing the commonest cultural mistakes made with visiting delegations, and practising how to avoid these. How to prepare ‘user-friendly’ receptions. How to identify and resolve critical incidents. How to use English in ways helpful to people for whom it is a second or third (learned) language.

Clients include: British Council; WWF; BAE Systems (Chinese delegations); 22 Universities.

7. Facilitating Executive Meetings

We can attend meetings to help identify and analyse cross-cultural barriers that are (largely unwittingly) blocking progress – and to suggest alternative intercultural strategies for achieving better outcomes.

Clients include: Amnesty International; WWF; EDS; Avery Dennison; Polaris; Telstra: British Council.

8. Training Trainers/Tutors: culturally different learning styles

Clients include: British Council; EDS; University of Bedfordshire Business Studies Dept.; 22 universities in UK and abroad; Hawksmere; Bank of America; 10 Corporations in S. Africa; VSO; HCL Technologies; Infosys BPO.

9. Training DVDs + e-learning courses

We create customised in-house training DVDs at full broadcast standard, together with customised e-learning modules for company Intranet.

Clients include: BBC TV; The Employment Service; Department of Health; SBS Channel, Australia; Telstra; Bank of America; European Commission; British Council, Universities of Wales, Leeds, Salford; British Telecom; Unison; Infosys BPO, Bangalore; HCL Technologies, Delhi.