Diversity Works...

1. Managing Diversity and Equality in NHS and Public Services

Diversity Works specialises in helping managers understand the practical meaning of the Equality Act, and lead their teams in sustained 'ownership' of their organisation's Diversity policies. We cover age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religions (training for each separately or in combination), in customised group workshops or individual consultancy/coaching,conducted either face-to-face or via Skype.

Training topics covered in workshops for NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector/Charities:

  • ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAW explained for busy managers: what the EQUALITY ACT means for mainstream practice, including Public Sector Duties; how to prevent/handle complaints of HARASSMENT, whether gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability; Risk/Impact Assessing; DISABILITY REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS; Flexible working; Sickness absence policies
  • RECRUITMENT INTERVIEWING across CULTURES: communication skills needed to ensure fairness and equality in terms of race/culture diversity
  • PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL INTERVIEWING: best practice for dismantling glass ceilings of RACE/CULTURE or GENDER in managerial promotion
  • FRONT-LINE SERVICE DELIVERY: the intercultural communication awareness and skills needed for achieving equality of access and outcomes for BME diverse clients/patients/users
  • MANAGING DIVERSE TEAMS: the intercultural communication awareness and skills needed for successfully managing a diverse workforce – to resolve internal team tensions, to achieve better group motivation, problem-solving and creativity, and to ensure effective service delivery.

For 25 years our workshops have equipped public service managers and staff to implement anti-discrimination law and Diversity policies: from words on paper into mainstream practice. Click links in the left-hand column to see:

  • ‘Law into Practice’ - report of a felt-needs survey of 400 managers and HR Directors
  • ‘Public sector duties’ - reminder of statutory requirement to advance anti-discrimination and make risk assessments
  • 'Cultural Awareness and Skills’ - outline of a workshop for up-skilling front-line staff in Intercultural Communication as needed in Public Services
  • 'NHS Services' - workshops to up-skill managers in NHS and in other services, eg Housing, Mental Health, D&A, Social Services

All organisations have their own particular needs. It is impossible to describe our full range, so Contact Us for an informal chat.

2. Training DVDs, Handbooks, e-learning modules and Intranet courses

We create customised films at broadcast standard, with trainers' manual for in-house trainers to use interactively (incuding small group exercises, questionnaires, handouts, checklists for action planning, etc.) To see list of available DVDs and Handbooks, Click here

3. Cultural Awareness and Skills of Intercultural Communication

In partnership with the Centre for Intercultural Development, we provide the communication ‘tools for the job’ needed BOTH by managers for recruiting, appraising and team leading culturally diverse teams, AND by front-line staff for delivering ‘customer care’ in culturally diverse communities. Click  'Cultural Awareness' link in LH column to see the outline of a workshop used in 56 NHS trusts and by 76 Local Authority Service Departments.

4. Conference presentations  - 'Contact Us' for a list of 46 Conference topics addressed as speaker with documentary DVDs.

5. Our Public Service Clients include

56 NHS Hospital and Mental Health Trusts (list available);12 Drug and Alcohol projects; 20 London Boroughs (incl. Enfield, Sutton, Hounslow, Barnet, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Wandsworth, Camden, Brent, Ealing); 30 County and City Councils and 23 Voluntary Organisations/Charities (full lists available); The Employment Tribunals; Ombudsman Inspectors; The Employment Service; Cabinet Office; Equality and Human Rights Commission; Citizens Advice, national and local; Dept of Education Inclusion Unit; Royal National Theatre; Library Association; Council of Europe; British Council; Immigration Service; Home Office; BBC TV; Race Relations Employment Advisory Service; ACAS; 8 Law Centres; 10 Police Forces; 12 Magistrates Benches; NAPO; and 98 universities and colleges (see link to Universities in Left-hand column)