Intercultural Communication Training: Welcome to CICD

The Centre for Intercultural Development (CICD) specialises in awareness and skills of Intercultural Communication - skills crucial for achieving mutual understanding between people who are using English but who come from different cultural backgrounds. Different cultures strongly influence people’s ways of communicating in English. CICD provides training DVDs, e-learning modules, coaching and in-service workshops to develop the skills needed to avoid damaging confusion and misunderstandings, and to win confidence and build rapport across cultures

  • INTERNATIONALLY (a) for executives in marketing and negotiating overseas, (b) for managers in leading diverse teams or JV projects and (c) for call centre staff in India seeking to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction in the West.
  • DOMESTICALLY (a) for managing culturally diverse teams, (b) for delivering public services (NHS; Housing; Social Services; Legal) in multi-cultural communities, (c) for universities teaching international students and global graduates.


Preparing for working abroad

EXPATRIATE ASSIGNMENTS: We have prepared hundreds of executives/managers (with families) for trading and managing successfully in: 
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Curacao, Czech Republic, China, Chile, Egypt, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.

click on 'Our Cultural Competence Training Approach' in the left-hand column to see how we move on from 'cultural awareness/intelligence' to coaching/training/teaching the practical skills for ensuring successful outcomes of intercultural exchanges.

click on INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS links in the left column for workshops and coaching for working either GLOBALLY, or in any SPECIFIC COUNTRY - or for coming to manage teams in UK..

 Click here for list of Crosstalk Intercultural Training DVDs and Handbooks


Public Services in UK

Consultancy, customised e-learning modules, team workshops or coaching - either face-to-face, or via web conference or Skype.

  • workshops and e-learning modules for managers and front-line staff in NHS and local authority services to ensure equality of access and treatment for culturally diverse communities / patients
  • creation of bespoke training DVDs, made to full broadcast standard
  • conference presentations with real-life case-study evidence from our unique documentary DVD collection


  • induction sessions for newly arrived international students at UK universities – tackling culture, language and study shock

  • training for tutors and staff at universities on meeting needs of international students
  • Visiting Lectures in (a) Linguistics, and (b) courses for Global Graduates (MBA/MSC) in International Management
  • front-line staff training for call centres in Asia for delivery of contact service to Western customers

We provide independent evaluation reports of all training for International Business, as well as for NHS and other Public Services.