Video Extracts

Sample clips from films directed by John Twitchin for Dr Margaret Byrne (, first broadcast on SBS Channel in Australia.

They are grouped by themes A-E:

A. Cultural competence: leading diverse teams

1. Multicultural team meetings: drawing positively on cultural diversity in the workplace

2. Culturally sensitive meetings: ways to improve multicultural group decision-making

3. Japanese meeting style: cultural contrast to Western approaches

4. Problem-solving in Asia: East/West cultural approaches to trouble-shooting

B. Working across cultures in Asia: Indonesia

5. Doing business in Indonesia: what commonly goes wrong when Western executives negotiate deals in Asia

6. Working in Indonesia: adapting to different social and religious values

7. Training in cultural competence for working in SE Asia

  C. Working across cultures in Asia: Vietnam

8. Cultural competence: adapting to Vietnamese style

9. Project managing and negotiating in Hanoi: setting a culturally competent agenda

10. How Vietnamese managers study cross-cultural business behaviour

D. Cultural Sensitivity for successful marketing

11. Marketing to Chinese customers: How Westpac Bank won business in Sydney’s Chinatown

12. Marketing to Japanese businesses: How Qantas won contracts from Japan Airlines

E. Managing Diversity and Equality

13. Handling Grievances across cultures: East/West contrasts

14. Recruitment interviewing across cultures: case-studies of East/West communication styles

15. Employment Tribunal Hearing: an HR manager is cross-examined in a discrimination case

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Working across cultures in Asia: Indonesia

Scroll down for 3 extracts from training films showing cultural competence in action

5. Doing business in Indonesia: what commonly goes wrong when Western executives seek to negotiate business deals in Asia

Short Description: After exchanges by email and fax, a Western executive arrives in Jakarta with a draft contract, expecting to seal the deal with his potential Indonesian partners. But he is frustrated to find his local counterpart seems evasive about progressing the agreement. Clip from film analysing what all-too-typically goes wrong in such negotiations, and showing a more successful approach for Westerners to take.

6. Working in Indonesia: adapting to social and religious values

Short Description: A group of Western women working in the Muslim environment of Semarang describe what surprised them most on arrival, and how they advise people on expatriate assignments to adapt.

7. Developing cultural competence for working in SE Asia

Short Description: Knowing social and business etiquette is not enough for expatriate success. Clip from film showing managers in training practising new communication skills for working with Indonesian partners.

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